information designer

I'm focused on creating readable, useful and easy to learn information whether it is a product specification, or a product itselt (a computer system, a multimedia presentation, a database schema or a website).

In 2001 I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Faculty of Industrial Design, with a Master of Fine Arts degree in product & applied structures design. Whoever came up with this term (applied structures design) has shown true insight into the future as back then there was no CMS systems, nor any electronic document flow. Nowadays “applied structure” usually means IT solution. That’s why I have decided to get education in IT and in 2012 I graduated from Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology, Faculty of Information Management.

So I'm the applied structures designer, vel information designer. I pay attention to terms and their meaning, logical structures, workflows, simplifying forms, work on interface aesthetics, improve usability of apps.